George isn’t a career politician. He spent most of his career working at Kellogg, and over the past thirty years has been devoted to our community, volunteering and helping to lift families up and give people a fair shot.


He has spent his life working to make a difference and improve lives, and in Congress he’ll do the same.

Attract Good-Paying Jobs to Michigan:

The economy is working just fine for people at the very top, but not for Michigan families – it’s time that changes. For George, this starts by creating good-paying, full-time jobs for every Michigander, no matter if they have a college degree. That is why he served on the board of Southwest Michigan First, the preeminent economic development group for the region, to recruit businesses and to create and retain high paying jobs. To do this, we need a major investment in infrastructure paired with Davis-Bacon prevailing wage protections, we must adjust our trade laws so corporations aren’t rewarded for outsourcing our jobs, and we need to provide workers with the skills needed to compete in a changing economy.

Guarantee Access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare:

Access to affordable, quality health care is a fundamental human right for every American just like food, clothing, and shelter – our nation has failed to live up to this promise. Republicans in Washington have offered policy ideas that will kick millions of people off of their health insurance plans and raise premiums for all Michiganders – George knows this is the wrong approach. Instead we must come together to fix the problems and strengthen the system we have with a public option to ensure all families have options available to them, while also bringing down costs.

Support Michigan Workers:

Michigan is full of talented, dedicated workers – they are the lifeblood of our economy, and should be respected and treated that way. That is why George has received the endorsement from UFCW 951. George will continue to stand up to those who want to weaken our labor unions and take advantage of our workers. He’ll fight to end workplace discrimination against women and demand guaranteed paid family and medical leave – and won’t stop until it’s a reality.

Champion Michigan Women:

Reproductive freedom is a human right, and politicians in Washington must stop interfering with a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. George understands this is fundamental to the success of women, but the fight doesn’t stop there. That’s why he’ll work to safeguard Planned Parenthood funding, end discrimination against pregnant women, and protect victims of harassment and assault by closing the domestic abuse loophole in our gun laws. He will also fight to pass red flag legislation to keep families and school children safe from violence.

Keeping Our Promise to Future Generations:

Every Michigander needs access to a quality education starting in early childhood through adulthood if they’re going to compete and succeed in the 21st century. Governor Blanchard recognized George’s commitment to improving education when he appointed George to serve on the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University. In that role, George helped grow the university and expand educational and training opportunities for Michiganders of all ages. He created the Care About Kids program, which helped disadvantaged youth explore the possibility of going to college. This was in addition to the minority recruitment program he established for the College of Aviation  in conjunction with the National Organization of Black Airline Pilots. In congress he will continue to fight for an affordable education for everyone.

Preserve Michigan’s Beauty and Protect Our Great Lakes:

Southwest Michigan’s natural beauty is second to none, and George knows that protecting it means protecting tourism and agriculture jobs that are vital. George will spend every day fighting for our environment and our water.  This means standing up to climate change deniers, working with colleagues to stop Asian carp and other invasive species from further invading our waters, stopping foreign corporations from selling our groundwater at massive markups, and supporting investment in clean energy development.

It also means making a difference for our environment and quality of life in our community. That is why George negotiated to create the Asylum Lake Preserve in Kalamazoo, which is a 274 acre passive recreation area, protected by a significant financial endowment.

Safeguard Michigan Farmers:

Agriculture is one of Southwest Michigan’s largest industries. Keeping our family farms strong is critical to our state’s economic success, the security of our food supply, and the future of our rural communities. Farm income is almost half what it was only five years ago and farm families require second and even third jobs just to make ends meet. To ensure our farms thrive today and in the future, George will use his experience as a former member of the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade (ATAC) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and his extensive private sector experience opening up export opportunities to guarantee farmers have the ability to sell their crops at home and abroad.

Social and Criminal Justice:

George has been an advocate for common sense criminal justice reform. That is why he was instrumental in helping create a drug court system, which as been hailed as a national model. He also realizes everyone deserves a fair shot at getting ahead. He stands with people of color and the LGBTQ+ community to make sure they receive equal treatment under the law and are treated with dignity and respect.

Putting Michiganders First.