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Join our team!

The Experience to fight for Southwest Michigan Families

George Franklin has spent his life working to make a difference and improve lives. On this journey, he moved to Michigan more than thirty years ago and since then has been deeply involved in our community, volunteering and helping to lift families up and give people a fair shot.

George isn’t a career politician. He’s spent most of his career working at Kellogg, helping to bring workers and the company closer together to create a stronger community for everyone.

George understands a company is only as strong as its workforce, and during his time in leadership at Kellogg he worked with the union and workers to protect jobs and the local community when the company was under attack due to misguided government policy. United in this effort, they managed to save thousands of good paying jobs.

Governor James Blanchard recognised George as a community leader and appointed him to the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University. For eleven years, George volunteered his time to help grow the university and expand educational opportunities for citizens of all ages.

President Bill Clinton also recognised George’s commitment to the American worker and appointed him to the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade (ATAC) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In that role, he volunteered his time and energies to advocate for agricultural workers in all related areas, strengthening export opportunities for local farmers.

Recently, George joined the advisory board of the Levin Center at Wayne State University Law School to help expand opportunities for more people to learn how to hold government and private institutions accountable to the people they serve.

Our community needs someone who will focus on creating jobs, ensuring safe workplaces, supporting strong schools, ensuring clean drinking water for our communities, and guaranteeing every family has access to affordable, quality health care. This is why George Franklin is running for Congress.

We don’t need another a career politician and George doesn’t want to waste decades in Washington as part of a partisan machine. He just wants to keep doing what he’s always done: help lift families up and give people a fair shot at a brighter future!


Putting Michiganders First.